Sundew Media grew organically when its founder, Marjorie Solomon, was approached to do an increasing number of communications projects for friends, acquaintances and their friends. Her catalogue of work came together to form the basis of Sundew Media.

Marjorie has more than 15 years experience in the industry across a wide range of sectors. Her CV includes public and government relations, print and radio journalism, web development and social media, layout and design, video compilation and editing,  as well as event promotion and management. At Sundew Media she works with a range of talented consultants sourced to cater for individual client needs.

Marjorie has also developed an interest and expertise in teaching social media to beginners. Her skills in this area have been sought because of her easy, friendly and clear way of imparting information to social media novices.

In between her work at Sundew Media, Marjorie is also completing a Masters in Creative Writing at Sydney University. She lives with her husband and daughter in Woollahra.

Visit Marjorie’s Linkedin account for more information.